Slabadu where music is at home

Slabadu, music bar, cafe and bistro, since 1979 established at Cebu Mandaue City. It all begun with the parents of Gene, Boy and Fely Nadela. In 1979 the Slabadu opened for the first time in Cebu in the basement of the Belvic Theater. The "Harmony and Rythm Band", composed of the Nadela twins and sisters, brought live music at it's finest to Cebu into the Slabadu, where music is at home since then.

boy-nadelaFely-nadelaSlabadu 1979Slabadu History 1979Fely-nadelaslabadu-1979-cebuSlabadu in the Belvic theater 1979

The bands members: Rosanne and Liz Nadela ( TWINS), The SISTERS Geselle and Glenda Nadela, + Manny Nadela, Anne-Anne Gullas, Jones Ignacio, Tina Briones.

The Philosphy at Slabadu

Founded as a place where music comes alive. Live on stage at a brilliant quality performed from music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts. Simple the best music equipement and live bands in town. A family business where music is at home.

The founders of Slabadu

Gene & Ophelia Nadela are the owners of the new residence of the Slabadu music bar and bistro. After 33 Years finally the Slabadu settled for good in Mandaue City to serve guests from all over the world with the finest art of music performed live on stage.

The Slabadu stage and interior

Technically speaking the stage and music equipement at the Slabadu is as perfect as the musicians on stage. The accoustic performes is perfect at any place in the Slabadu. No disturbing reflecting tones will come to your ears.

The interior is pleasing as well. Comfortable and you feel at home right after you took place. What else are you looking for? Yes, music, this is the Slabadu all about. Music is at home in Cebu in the Slabadu which by the way means Paradise or heavenly if you want.



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where music is at home

Slabadu upper Jazz floor

Ophelia Nadela welcomes you at the new Slabadu

Slabadu Interior

Take a seat in the upper floor,

Slabadu upper Jazz floor

or just in front of the stage.

Slabadu stage floor

Enjoy the evening breeze outside at our terraces.

slabadu terraces in cebu