Monday - Saturday at Slabadu, Jazz & live music 60ies until present days.

JOEFRE Capangpangan (Saxophon and Flute)The Slabadu is proud to announce that JOEFRE Capangpangan (Saxophon and Flute) is our featured musician. He will join us every evening and brings the Jazz to our live music event in Cebu here at the Slabadu. Together with our House band Fire & Lites we do present different live bands here on stage at our Slabadu, where music is at home. Jazz and live music performed live on stage at the slabadu live music bar in Cebu.


Monday: Fire & Lites together with Interact

Tuesday: Fire & Lites with Sonata

Wednesday: Fire & Lites together Auctioned Band

Thursday: Fire & Lites together with Interact

Friday: Fire & Lites + Neil Seraspe together Music Nuts

Saturday: Joy Kristine "JK" (acustic guitar), Fire & Lites + Neil Seraspe together Music Nuts

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Live music from the 60ies to the present days, some pointers:

Live music has had a rich and varied history, from the Blues to Folk and Alternative. Check out some of the genres of music available since the 60's top get a feel of the types of live music available.

The Blues

The blues are live music notes played at a lower pitch, notes which many times evoke feelings of sadness and longing. The Blues live music is played on a variety of instruments, including the harmonica, guitar, piano, trombone and saxophone. Eddie "Son" House, Robert Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others have all played live music Blues.


Jazz started in the late 1800's in Black communities throughout United States. Live music Jazz is usually played on the traditional instruments of marching bands, including the trumpet, saxophone and clarinet. You'll usually hear some excellent piano riffs, as well. "Duke" Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis are some of the most well known and respected Jazz players of all time, each playing live music during their heyday.

Rock and Roll

Typical live music Rock & Roll bands include three guides (rhythm, lead and bass), a drummer, a keyboard such as a piano or electric keyboard. Rock & Roll is characterized by an infusion of R & B and country music. Some of the most influential Rock & Roll bands include The Beatles, Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, all having played live music at some point in their career.

Country & Western

What happens when you play a country music sound backward? You get everything back. That sentiment isn't too far from the truth. Like Blues, live country music tends to focus on lost love, hardship and life in general. Instruments include the guitar, fiddle, banjo and harmonica, and sometimes the steel guitar. Some of the most successful country live music singers include Hank Williams, George Jones, Loretta Lynne and Johnny Cash.


Folk songs rarely enjoy commercial success, but is music of story telling and a means of voicing protests using live music. Usually, the lyrical quality of folk music is more important than it's instrumentation, which can be as simple as being played with no instruments (acapella) or self accompanied guitar. Some of the most influential live music folk artists include Kingston Trio, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Peter, Paul and Mary, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.


Alternative live music has a unique sound typified by its down to earth nature, bringing a refreshing change to the music industry of the 1980's. Arguably, some of the all time best Alternative live music bands include Linkin Park, Nirvana, Green Day and Three Days Grace.


Reggae is popular live music from Jamaica that combines traditional rock and soul music with native styles, accenting the offbeat. Robert Nesta Marley, Toots Hibbert and Alton Ellis are all among the greatest live music reggae singers.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal has it's roots in traditional blues rock. The live music is typified by high distortion, guitar solos, and just being loud. It's clear that Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Motorhead are among some of the best Heavy Metal live music bands.

Hip Hop

Also called Rap, Hip Hop can be played without accompaniment, through it's reliance on rhyming speech and chanting. Great Hip Hop artists include that have played live music include Public Enemy, Run DMC and LL Cool J. For more live music, be sure to visit Slabadu.

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Fire & Lites at Slabadu

fire&lites at Slabadu

Interact at Slabadu

Interact at Slabadu

Great Ideas at Slabadu

Great Ideas at Slabadu live music in Cebu

Tops on Spot at Slabadu

Tops on Spot at Slabadu live music in Cebu

Ivan Joseph at Slabadu

Ivan Joseph live at Slabadu, founder of Topson Spot

Neil Seraspe

Ivan Joseph live at Slabadu, founder of Topson Spot

Music Nuts

Ivan Joseph live at Slabadu, founder of Topson Spot

Alvin Ritchie

Ivan Joseph live at Slabadu, founder of Topson Spot