Pick up and Drop Service

If you are at MACTAN ISLAND you may use this private Service of Klaus - our special friend and fan of Slabadu.

You may contact him directly or visit his website about the Phlippines.

Landline: 0063 (0)32 2684654

E-mail: maryandklaus(at)hotmail.com

Here is what you might like to know about the pick up and drop servcice:

Klaus picks you up at your home, hotel or meeting point at MACTAN ISLAND. Carries you safe and sound to the Slabadu, and drops you where he picked you up. That easy and on time!

You can be a group up to 4 person (western style) or up to eight person filipino style :) You pay PHP 750 only for a safe trip.

Please only make use of it, when you are located at MACTAN Island!

Have you seen, the article of Klaus at Philippinesbest.biz about the Slabadu?

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