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The home of live music in Cebu

Welcome in the Slabadu, the home of live music in Mandaue/Cebu. Cebu's finest bistro and hangout for music enthusiasts. Your cultural voyage through the decades of music from the 60ies to the present days.


Fire&Lites at Slabadu

Live music and live bands in the Slabadu in Cebu

No doubt, that you, your friends and families will enjoy the evenings in one of the oldest and most established live music and bistro places at Cebu island in Mandaue City. The meeting point for music enthusiasts from all over the world. The Slabadu where music is at home since 1979 in Cebu Philippines. Come and visit us and feel as you were at home here with us in the Slabadu.

Have you seen the new stage decoration and lights at Slabadu?

Slabadu - Bistro & Cafe in Cebu

Not just the live music is what is the Slabadu well known for since 33 years. Try the delicious snacks and drinks at reasonable prices.

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Slabadu since 1979 Cebu's finest location for live music.

Slabadu at Youtube

Slabadu at Youtube


Fire and Lites

slabadu saxophonist Geoffrey